We have an extensive range of quality shell plant hangers,shell spirals,bamboo wind chimes,
decorative wood mobiles,dreamcatchers and capiz shell chimes.

Below are just a few examples.
All sizes are approximate.
If you would like further information on our full range of products please do not hesitate to contact us.
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Nassa shell plant hangers and shell spirals

Nassa shell stairway
 spiral assorted colours
small 6"x 12"
medium 6"x 22"
large 8"x 32"

Nassa Yupo XLg
snakeshead plant hanger
 15"x 36"

Nassa Yupo XLg
lips lips plant hanger
 15"x 36"

Nassa plant hanger Kinky snakeshead
8"x 25"

  Nassa plant hanger
Kinky cowrie shell
8"x 25"







Nassa Jellyfish
assorted colours.
 6"x 12"

Nassa plant hanger
single basket ass colours small and medium

Bamboo windchimes

 The size represents the length of the longest Bamboo pipe.


Bam 25   
20cm painted Dolphins

Bam 29
Plain 30cm

Bam 21  
30cm Fish

 Bam 41
30cm burnt effect  full spiral

Bam 9  
30cm airbrush Dolphin painting

Bam 11
30cm double Dolphin top

 Bam 1  
30cm whole top + painted dolphins




Bam 36
Dragon top 30cm

Bam 30
Plain 50cm

Bam 38 Elephant top on 30cm bamboo chime

Giraffe 40cm

Bam 42
50cm Mottle burnt full spiral

Bam 47
12 pipe dot sun painting

Bam 16   
4 pipe Welcome top

Bam 6  
Bananna top 40cm with painted flowers 12 pipe

Banana top 30cm
24 pipe



Bam 12   
12 pipe horizontal top


Bam 34
6 pipe tube top

Bam 22 Large Bird top 30cm bamboo chime





Bam 5  
Sun + moon  with black 40cm

Bam 2  
50cm whole top painted dolphin

Bam 11
50cm double Dolphin top

Bam 8  
50cm airbrush Dolphin painting


 Bam 13   
30cm 12 pipe
horizontal top burnt sun's

Bam 49
40cm dot spiral burnt effect

Bam26  Black+batik 40cm bamboo chime

Bam 32 Single Dolphin top on 30cm bamboo chime

Bam 31  40cm strawtop+ butterflies
burnt effect

Bam-51 50cmWhole top,flowers+burnt

Bam 3  
50cm straw top

Bam 48 40cm
White Dot flower burnt effect


Bam 55
40cm carved wood top

Bam 33 Single Dolphin top 50cm bamboo chime

Bam 7 Black+bird house top 40cm

 Bam 20  40cm
Frog top

Bam 39 40cm
painted flower burnt effect

Bam 54   50cm carved wood top with painted flower



Bam 45
Primitive Face

Bam 43
Owl top Large

Bam 46
Sun Painting 40cm


Bam 45
Duck top 40cm

Bam 44
Owl in Hoop 30cm dot painted pipes

Bam 23
Pegoda top 30cm





Bam 53
80cm Whole top
White dot flower

Bam 28   80cm
whole top plain

Bam 52
80cm whole top
burnt effect





WOOD MOBILES  hand carved and painted


 Flying Butterfly
assorted colours

 Flying Dragon


Flying Horse


Humming bird
ass colours Mob 7

Bear family chime
Mob 9

Fish spiral sun and moon top Mob5

Mob 6

Butterfly individual chime Mob3

Bear chime
Mob 8

Tiger family 15cm ring top H 65cm 

Frog chime 15cm ring top H 75cm

Dolphin natural 15cm wood ring top
H 55cm

Puffin Mobile + chime 15cm ring top x 70cm

Tiger large+small
H 80cm

Dolphin chime with natural wood bar top 28cm x 50cm

Dolphin airbrush chime oval/round top

Dolphin chime 15cm ring top MLT-01

Butterfly center chime Mob2

Dolphin chime 15cm dolphin top ARY-01

13cm ring top x 65cm
Assorted colours

 Fish XLg
Mob 1



Mini 6cm with cowrie shell assorted colours

9cm with cowrie shells assorted colours

Lond strand small 9cm
5 ring assorted colours

Lond strand Large17cm
5 ring assorted colours

21cm Large + mirrors assorted colours

Shell windchimes


Dolphin wood top and 3 shell strands
20x50cm approx


Nautilus wood top and
3 shell strands
20x50cm approx

Starfish  wood top and 3 shell strands
20x50cm approx

Horn Starfish chime

Mini Hat Dolphin Chime
Assorted colours
6 x 30cm


Puffa fish



Coco Scallop Top
assorted colours
12 x 38cm approx


Capiz 2 tier HHS-29
 Small  all Pink,Purple,White,Blue
 15 x 30cm

Capiz 2 tier HHS-29
 Small  all Pink,Purple,White,Blue
 15 x 30cm

Capiz 2 tier HHS-29
 Small  all Pink,Purple,White,Blue
 15 x 30cm

13cm ring top x 65cm
Assorted colours



Bird cage chime 
pegoda ass cols
large and medium
Sorry out of stock

Natural shell spiral 5" ring top

Coco scallop top
x6 assorted colours12x38cm

Farmers hat
natural shells

Consolation hat chime assorted colours

Bird cage chime round ass colours
large and medium

Ball hat 3" ball sm and 5"ball large assorted colours

Mexican hat chime
assorted colours
9x26cm approx

Shell spiral    4"and 6"ring top assorted colours

Coco scallop white and natural
Sorry out of stock

Buri ball 3" top 
assorted colours

Shell spiral with
dolphins 4"and 6"ring top ass cols

Pangusina  8x38"hat and 12" hat chime
assorted colours

Capiz 3 tier large
white BRA-21



Dreamcatcher sm
ass cols + designs

Dreamcatcher med
ass cols + designs

Dreamcatcher L
ass cols + designs


Capiz 2 tier
 Small and medium



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