Below are a few examples of our Sealife products.We have an extensive range of Shark jaws,starfish,puffa fish,crabs,lobsters and stuffed sharks.
If you would like further information on our full range of products please do not hesitate to contact us.
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Flat natural mini in 4" basket

Flat coloured mini in 4" basket

Flat natural 1-2" in 6" basket

Flat coloured 1-2" in 6"basket

Flat natural 3-4" in 10"basket

Flat coloured 3-4" in 10"basket

Horn 6"+ or 8"+ natural

Horn 6"+ or 8"+ coloured

Horn 3-4"natural in 10"basket

Horn 3-4" coloured in  10"basket

Jungle3-4"natural in 10"basket

Jungle8"+natural varnished

Long spine natural 10"+or 12"+

Skinney's blue/bleach mix
6" or 8"

Skinney's coloured mix 6" or 8"

Skinney's blue/bleach mix in  8"basket

Skinney's coloured mix in  8"basket

 Red Fiddler crabs in 6" basket

Ray in 10"basket wall plaque
sorry out of stock

Shark jaw Bull full range of sizes


Pencil Urchin assorted sizes and colours

Cowfish 8-11cm small
11cm+ large

Box Crab

Monster crab


Hermit crab

Fiddler crab

Martin crab

Short bodied Pipefish 15cm+
sorry out of stock


Tiger shark teeth

Porcupine fish Puffa
various sizes

Sorry out of stock



Mantis Shrimp

Horseshoe crab various sizes

Red Frog Crab

Slipper Lobster